Friday, November 28, 2014

Speak Jesus

Speak Jesus

Paul and Silas were praising the LORD when the walls came down in their cell. Back when young David declared that God was in Israel, the philistine’s warrior fell.

Joshua took his stand for the LORD, “Choose this day in whom you will serve.” He knew that as he stood on the word of God, all his enemies’ would lose their nerve.

Today God is waiting for the faithful saints, who by faith will enter the flame. These are His remnant who will lay down their all, moving forward in Jesus name.

When sickness rears its ugly head, they rebuke it in the name of the LORD. They cut its flow with the Word of God while speaking with this double-edged sword.

The enemy rushes into the battle, swinging their past as his way to get in. Jesus is living inside of them, a reminder they have been forgiven their sin.

Therefore, be that remnant that stands in the power of Jesus. Lift the word up for the enemy to see. Rebuke that devil in Jesus name and watch him turn and flee.

Stand as a warrior who will enter the fray, lift God’s word in this world with no shame. Watch as the LORD defeats all your enemies, as you speak in the power of His name!  

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