Friday, November 28, 2014

Overcoming yourself/ I AM SAVED

There is a war inside of us; it is a battle between the two. Your old self is trying to gain control by pushing down the new.

We try to do what is good in God’s sight, yet end up listening to the old. We see the past returning as we discover in sin we are sold.

Yet our new life always presses forward, to gain what ground was lost. The LORD reminds us of that blood stained cross, and what salvation cost.

Sometimes this battle rages violently, yet as victors, we march in stride. We will overcome as our Savior has done, as we lay down all our pride.

In this life, we may be defeated many times, yet we must always get up again. We must conquer the battle, inside of us, or we will return to that old life of sin.

Drag that old life back to the cross, and leave it there crucified. Then stand in the power of Jesus, He will never leave your side.

Then take the manna written in His word, and devour every crumb. Walk with God with all your being and you will overcome.

When that old life tries to take over again, do not allow yourself to be enslaved. You have the Spirit of Jesus inside of you, so shout out, “ I AM SAVED!”

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