Thursday, November 20, 2014

Our redeemer lives

As we survey our world today, we see humanity bound by sin. It is just as it was before the flood of Noah's time, the same evil as it was back then.

Knowledge is now at an all-time high, where not much more can be done. This is the time the Bible spoke of, when we will see the return of God’s Son.

People seem to be lovers of pleasure more than of God, they are destructive in all of their ways. While darkness spreads throughout this world, it will prove we are in the last days.

Yet God is about to do something miraculous, by pouring out His spirit on all flesh. Many will turn from wickedness; they will acknowledge their sin and confess. 

Scoffers are already mocking the bible; they are tearing weak Christians apart. Yet those who are filled with the Spirit of God have Jesus living in their heart.

The day will surely get darker and the outcome will finally become clear. Remember the Lord said when you see these things happening; to look up your redemption draweth near!

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