Sunday, November 16, 2014

Come to the cross

he pain was felt from Calvary’s hill and it was more than they could take.
None of their wisdom or knowledge could reveal just what was at stake.

While the world was kept in bondage and their freedom was on the brink.
They peered upon the blood stained cross not knowing what to think.

The curse had darkened many souls with their eternity locked in hell.
They chose evil disguised as an angel of light, and being blinded they could not tell.

Life would soon become darkened, as all hope began to fade.
Through the muck and the mire of this evil life, the lost ones now would wade.

Then an echo sounded from the cross, to light humanity’s way.
God would offer freedom to those who would come, and cleanse themselves today.

The blood of the Savior dripped down the cross and salvation they now could see.
They understood what the cross was about; as they came and were all set free.

The darkness started to lift from them and the curse was broken at last.
Many souls were born again, where God removed their past.

Therefore, as you come to the cross believing, let God open your eyes to see.
Your sins will then be forgiven, because His Son Jesus will set you free.

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