Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Angels watching over you

Up in the realm of the Heavenly, where Angels carry out God’s command. They wait to receive holy orders, ones that only they understand.

As an answer to a prayer lifted many times, one that comes up before God’s great throne. These wonderful beings carry out God’s will, and the LORD never leaves them alone.

He gives them the power to complete every task, with great tools of love and delight. When the enemy tries to block their way, God takes control of the fight.

From the north to the south, and the east to the west, these servants deliver His word. Revealing the message that was spoken to them, in the heavens from where it was heard.

They gladly complete what was given to them, fulfilling with joy His desire. For blessings and love flow out from God’s throne, as their joy is lifted higher and higher.

These mighty servants never look for a reward; for they know, it is given above. As they stand in the presence of Almighty God, they are connected to His everlasting love.

The next time your prayer is lifted up; do not worry about it getting thru. Our God has Angels who are at the ready, and He is watching over you.

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