Saturday, October 4, 2014

We Win

It seems as though people, who continue to do evil,
 always appear to get ahead.
They may lie and cheat while acting truthful,
yet you cannot believe one word that is said.

Still darkness only gets darker,
 when our light begins to fade.
 For we will not shine when we forget one truth,
 we will win in God’s plan that was laid.

When wicked people seem to get ahead,
 they are claiming their evil way.
They are preparing to honor a wicked leader
who will rise in this evil Day.

He will promise them all the glory,
 the power, and all the wealth.
Yet in the end, they will wallow in darkness,
with miserable failing health.

Yet those who have placed their faith in Jesus
 will overcome this fate.
They will stand in the glory of the Father,
 redeeming the time while they wait.

The love of the Savior will be their banner,
which flows from a Christian heart.
This is the light in a darkened world,
the only righteous part.

So keep in mind each time you are persecuted,
 lied about, or battered with sin.
 The darkness will soon be flooded with light,
 because Jesus is coming again!

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