Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Look inside the heart

What if this world could see as God does, how would that change every man? What if you could not see the color of one’s skin, would that help you to understand?

What if you were able to see into their heart, how would that change your love? What does God see as He looks down on all, from His glorious kingdom above?

What if every person was truly equal, would all hatred finally be dead? Would you love that person unconditionally, would you learn to accept them instead?

Today I saw a starving child, with his small ribs sticking out from within. The eyes of my heart saw a precious little child, not the color of this little ones skin.

Tears of sadness filled my heart, for this tiny soul, which could die. Yet this world continued as if nothing was wrong, and in my heart, I began to cry.

Why do our leaders say that they have the answers, while these small children quietly stare into space? As one closes his eyes for the last time, another one moves into his place.

This world is facing many issues it is true, yet what about our duty to our fellow man. These little children are not the problem; they are too young to understand.

Do not blame God for their suffering, when it is in your power to supply. The next time you see one of these little ones starving look into your mirror and ask yourself why?

The next time you see someone hurting, look at their heart, and try to see. Forget what they look like on the outside, for inside they are like you and me.

God has many colors in His creation, and He loves every one of them the same. No matter what land they were placed in, He knows them all by name.

Take the time to look thru eyes filled with love; you may be surprised at what you will see. My friend that person needing a helping hand, could very well be you or me.

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