Tuesday, October 28, 2014

How many were saved


He went to be crucified on a rugged cross, to pay the ultimate price.
He would take the sin of the entire world, and become the sacrifice.

Though men would mock and scorn His gift, He still would take their place.
He would offer them life eternal, by giving His wonderful grace.

Now they had the choice of life or death to be awarded on judgment day.
Many would now receive His redemption, by taking the chosen way.

Come unto me He told them all, and you will receive my best.
Come take His yoke upon your life and enter into His rest.

The cross was that place where the offering was made, where souls could return again.
They would come before the mercy seat, and be forgiven of all their sin.

The world still comes with caution, being bound, by the enemy and enslaved.
Yet the only thing that will matter in the end is how many souls were saved

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