Tuesday, October 21, 2014

God is Calling you Today!


The prophetic signs are before us, no person can deny. God is revealing the mystery the world shall not defy.

Here on earth and in the heavens, the trouble will soon take place. The final warning will soon be given, to all who refused His grace.

You may be a person who is not afraid; soon you will have plenty to fear. Hell is about to break forth on this world and you will not want to be here.

Darkness will be in every land, and love will have no desire. The darkened souls will be lost forever, with no hope but the lake of fire.

If sin has become your master, then evil has filled your soul. The light of God may be shining bright, yet darkness will not allow it to show.

You have now to decide your future, for soon it will be too late. You will not like your destiny, if you choose to ignore your fate.

Call on Jesus while you still have time, do not stop, or hesitate. For soon, the Lord will do something astonishing, an outcome many will hate.

Now is your day of salvation, do not ignore God’s loving plea. He is calling you to come to Him by faith, just believe and you will see.

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