Saturday, September 6, 2014

Waiting for the shout

A flash of light, an explosion of thunder
were the signs in the heavens above.
All pointed down at the blood stained cross,
and proof of the Saviors love.

It was here He would reach the unwilling,
to show that His Father did care.
He would offer to all eternal life,
this gift He would willingly share.

God had spoken these truths thru His prophets,
and He wrote them all down in His word.
Yet thru hardened hearts, and sinful lives
this message just could not be heard.

The mystery of creation,
it was yet to be revealed,
those hidden things of long ago,
today have been unsealed.

Still the world moves to that ultimate day,
where they will no longer look back to the past.
They will finally see all things become new,
and His plan revealed at last.

Some will refuse to take up their cross,
or allow the blood of the lamb to set them free.
Yet under the light of Gods saving grace,
is where their eyes will be opened to see.

This world will one day end in a blaze,
and many will lose heart and go astray.
On that day, the armies of heaven will come down,
with Jesus leading the way.

Before all this happens, a catching away will occur,
where the saints will be lifted on high.
In a moment, we will be in His presence,
standing with Him in the sky.

I am going up at the sound of the trumpet,
and in the air with my LORD, I will be.
Then I will be a part of that army that comes back,
I am waiting for Him to shout out to me. PRAISE GOD!

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