Thursday, August 21, 2014

The wide road

The wide Road
One day I was thinking about that wide road I have heard about, where many desire to stay.  I thought about that massive crowd, growing larger every day.

I saw bumps and turns, and valleys everywhere, yet these people seemed to enjoy being on this road. Many tried to warn of the danger, yet they ignored all the things they were told.

There at the end of this very large road, those in the front began to see the trouble ahead. However as they tried to turn around, they were all pushed forward instead.

Flames began to rise up from a cavern, as those in front were pushed over the top. The ones in the back could not see the danger, so they moved forward and no one could stop.

One after another, they were all shoved into this furnace, as the flame would encircle each one. Millions and millions, who had joined this crowd, were now feeling this heat like the sun.

Then the crowd, all fell down to their doom, yet one soul stood there pondering his fate. Yet up from the pit came a flame that took hold of him, for now his decision came too late.

Up and down people would rise and then sink, with screams that were echoed from beneath. Here was the torment, of total darkness, with the worms and the gnashing of teeth.

This wide road is now being filled to the brim, with many still choosing this way. One day they too will reach the end of this road, and their choice will be taken away.

As long as you trod this road to destruction, you will find a crowd moving forward with glee. Yet the end of the road will reveal the truth, and the flames will be all you will see.

There is another road, which is truly narrow where Jesus will lead the way. For the road to destruction will surely be full with a great price you will have to pay.

You can go with the flow, and follow the crowd, or decide to change the path you now dwell. Few are walking on the narrow road, however the wide road leading multitudes to Hell.


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