Friday, August 8, 2014


I beheld the hand of wickedness and its envy scarred my soul.
To see the world in such a terrible way, and watch it continue to grow.

 The lies all came in a different language, that only evil could comprehend. Still when they spoke of who was at fault, the truth they were quick to bend.

 I thought why do the people who continue to do evil always seem to get ahead. Then a voice that sounded like thunder spoke “they’re not living but walking dead.”

 They may seem to you to have everything, and it may seem they are so alive within. But the truth is they are empty and their spirit is dead with sin.”

Then an image of their judgment came, there were many before God’s throne. All these souls stood bewildered, they were shameful and so alone.

 One by one, they all came before Him, and each time it was the same. As Jesus opened His book of life, He just could not find their name.

While I stood there waiting for Him to accuse them, I was so shocked and so surprised. As I saw the expression of a broken heart and my Jesus had tears in His eyes.

 I just could not believe the pain He was feeling, it was clearly not His desire. To see even one of these people He created, be condemned to the lake of fire.

As I watched each one pass into eternity, I felt hurt and so filthy inside. I tried to be strong as I watched this judgment, but my pain I just could not hide.

There was a time these people were winners, but now they are eternally lost. Sin had promised them many things, yet in the end look, what it cost.

So I realized what I would have to do, when evil would seem to get its way. I would remind myself of the torment awaiting them, when they come to this judgment day.

Then if it seems like they are getting ahead and my anger again starts to rise, I will think of my Saviors broken heart, and the tears that He had in His eyes.

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