Friday, August 1, 2014


Jesus said when you see these things happening, to look up for your redemption draweth neigh. Faith is believing that He will truly deliver us, without us worrying until the day we die.

There are rumors of war, being heard everywhere, and evil is on the rise. The enemy of the cross is now deceiving the world, by spreading his evil lies.

Very soon the heavens will roll back, revealing God’s Son in the air. All of the believers who have been waiting for Jesus, will soon be caught up there.

We are seeing the prophesied birth pains, and delivery is now very near. Now is the time to be reading God’s word, and standing against that devil called fear.

Stand in the power of Jesus name, for His Spirit is within you indeed. You can follow this world to destruction, or allow The Holy Spirit to lead.

Something is about to break loose on this earth, an outcome that is sure to reshape. You can stay for the trouble, the pain and the horror, or call on Jesus to make your escape.

One day the trumpet will sound from above, and Jesus will let out a shout. Trials and tribulations will truly come soon, and that is when He will take us out. 

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