Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Our Supply


The world is in a panic mode,
 because the end is drawing near.
 However, if you are a believer in Jesus Christ, 
you have nothing you have to fear.

The daily news is certainly bad, 
with our future looking grim. 
Yet God says He is our deliverer,
 so I will put my trust in Him.

Many have placed their faith in money
 they hold their precious stock. 
Then when this economy begins to fail,
 it sends them into shock.

We need to get our eyes off our problems,
 and lift them up above. 
To Where God is seated on His throne,
 to welcome us with love.

He has said to think first of His Kingdom,
 and the rest He will supply. 
Then He will take care of all our needs, 
even if our well runs dry.

You may even lose your job one day, 
and find you are out in the cold. 
That is when you should keep your faith 
stand strong and be faithful and bold.

 Then as this world is panicking,
 not knowing what to do, 
they will remember all of your preaching,
 and will surely come to you.

All the fear that kept them away
 will leave as they draw near. 
They will search for you for any message,
 for whatever they can hear.

Then God in His wonderful mercy
 will soften their hardened heart. 
Then on their knees, they will fall before Him,
 a place where all must start.

Then their fear and all of their worries
 will finally be gone at last.
 As they call upon the Lord and Savior,
 He will wash away their past.

He will take away the bitterness,
 and forgive them for their sin. 
They will then receive salvation, 
and their new life will begin.

Then as they see these terrible things happening,
 the things the world is going thru.
 They will turn their hearts to Jesus 
saying; I am glad I now have You.

 Never again will they have to worry
and here is the reason why. 
Because Christian’s will not go without,
 God is our supply.

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