Saturday, August 30, 2014

He did it for you and me

He did it for you and me

He was walked into the courtyard,
 beaten, bloodied no doubt.
 He had thorns on His head, and swollen eyes, 
even a part of His beard was ripped out.

They then tied Him to a whipping post,
 as a guard approached Him with glee. 
With a leather whip, of stone and lead, 
He was beaten mercilessly.

The flesh and blood of His back was burst open,
 as the whip dug deep within.
 Every blow caused His agony, 
yet He would pay for every sin.

Yet He had not committed any crime, 
for He was innocent from the start. 
His back was laid open, and His blood was flowing,
 a picture of a broken heart.

Yet the crowd kept screaming even seeing this beating, 
they were all hollering crucify. 
A lone tear came down His now bloodied cheek,
 from a break in His swollen eye.

Drops dripped down from the piercing thorns,
 yet He never let out a cry. 
The Lamb of God now carrying His cross, 
this sacrifice was ready to die.

They pushed Him, shoved Him, throwing Him to the ground;
 it was part of their evil plans. 
He stretched out His arms, and shook violently,
 as the nails were now driven into His hands.

Yet they were not done with their evil task,
 their torment was still not complete. 
They laughed and mocked, and repeated their torment,
 by driving a large nail into His feet.

Then without mercy, they pulled at the ropes,
 jerking the cross from the ground. 
Into a hole that had been previously dug, 
they allowed the heavy cross to slam down.

All who were there looked up to the cross,
 where God’s Son hung there loving and true.
 He lifted His voice up to Heaven, 
“Father forgive them for they know not what they do.”

Then came the moment where sin and death,
 would collide with mercy and grace.
 God now demanded the sin debt be paid;
 His Son would now die in our place.

Then He looked down to His mother,
 as the crowd heard each word that He said.
 Looking up to heaven He spoke, “IT IS FINISHED,”
 and the Son of God was dead.

There the world caught a glimpse of the Almighty, 
as they witnessed this final act of grace. 
For His only Son who had done no wrong, 
loved them so much, He would take their place.

This was true love that He would die for the world,
 His mercy there for all to see. 
Nothing could have made Him stay on that cross, 
He did it for you and me…

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