Sunday, August 3, 2014

God speaking to man

 Moses met with God through a burning bush, as the Word burned deep in his heart. Through Elijah a strong wind, became a still small voice, that would be heard and would never part.

Through David, He spoke with psalms and melody, bringing faith to allow him to lead. With the promise of an eternal kingdom, through Gods Son who the whole world would need.

To Mary God spoke by an angel, with the promise of the Savior, His Son. In prayer this Son spoke to His Father above, declaring thy will be done.

In the upper room, cloven tongues of fire would now show them where the promise came from. The church by His Spirit, who came to dwell  in each of them, could now proclaim His Kingdom come.

This world will one day hear Him speak again, with a blast that will surely bring fear.  With the voice of an archangel, and the trumpet of God, we will hear Him say, “COME UP HERE.”

Then we will speak with Him face to face, with the voice we have never heard. The written will then speak eternally, as Jesus Christ God’s word.

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