Friday, August 15, 2014

Forever in His presence

Angels, Elders, and patriarchs were all
gathered before God’s throne,
 beholding His glory, and feeling the love
 of the one who would never leave them alone.

The aroma was just like sweet incense
that would permeate the entire place.
 All would be drawn to His wonderful presence,
 just to see Him face to face.

His love was directed toward all of them,
 with joy like the air that they breathe.
 A moment was as a lifetime,
yet none had any desire to leave.

The sky like a great backdrop, reflected His glory,
 and His Son was seated at His right hand.
 He spoke like thunder with a sound like many waters,
yet everyone could understand.

Many were gathered before a crystal sea,
 partaking of His heavenly feast.
All would resemble a servant,
from the greatest to the least.

Whenever He spoke, all start to worship,
as many fall down at His feet.
Glory and love would fill every soul
while making their praises complete.

God in all of His wonderful mysteries,
 will one day reveal His great plan,
all of our questions and every mystery,
 we will finally understand.

Then like the others who worship Him always,
 we too will finally be complete,
 we will bow down before our creator,
 and lay our all down at His feet.

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