Friday, August 1, 2014

A Place called Glory

There is a real place called Heaven
that many have longed to see. 
This land is where creation rejoices in God’s presence,
 where one day we all hope to be.

This is His kingdom where everything is pure,
 and where love and grace abound.
 Where there is no more sin and no more sickness,
 where death will no longer be found.

Our treasure is being stored in this place,
 all the things we have done for our Lord. 
These riches are far greater than any could imagine, 
and nothing on earth could afford.

In this place, God will have all His jewels,
 those who have called upon His name. 
Where no one is greater than the others,
 for He will love us all the same.

Yet in this place we call glory, 
there is something far richer than gold. 
All the sadness and tears will be gone forever,
 and God’s Son we shall always behold.

This is what makes it our glorious home, 
where all of God’s people will dwell. 
We will lift our voices to the one who saved us, 
and delivered our souls from hell.

  Yes, there is a place called Heaven,
 filled with visions of His love and care.
 One day the Lord will call us to glory 
and Jesus will welcome us there…

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