Friday, July 11, 2014

Tears of Joy

Peace, joy and happiness 
were the sight in heaven above,
 in the wonderful presence of Almighty God, 
receiving His everlasting love.

Suddenly a hush moved through the Kingdom,
 as a messenger quickly rushed to the throne.
 He was holding a golden trumpet,
 to give to Jesus Christ alone.

Everyone stood there in wonder,
 as the command from the Father was made known.
 Shout out from heaven, call for the body,
 as the trumpet of God is now blown.

Down on the earth those souls were all summoned,
 all at once they are lifted to the air. 
The body of Christ, now united, 
and not one of them left down there.

It only took a moment, 
with a blast and a trumpet roar. 
The Angels rejoiced, as the thunder clapped,
 and loved ones were reunited once more.

The King was there among His church, 
the beauty was such to behold. 
There God’s children all stood together, 
giving praise on streets of gold.

This is the sight, which flows through my mind,
 as I ponder that wonderful day. 
I am waiting the moment that the trumpet sounds, 
and God calls us all away.

Each day that we wait may seem like a lifetime,
 yet soon we could hear that shout.
 A blast of the trumpet saying, “Come up here,” 
And the Lord will lift us out.

Now I have tears building in my heart, 
a small flood that I now gladly bare. 
These joyful tears will flow to my Savior,
 the moment that I meet Him there.

Many have said tears are not welcome in heaven,
 my beloved this may come as a surprise.
 Tears of joy will be flowing that day, 
and God will wipe each one from our eyes.

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