Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Pour your Spirit out on me

Father, pour your Spirit on me, let that Holy Fire fall. That I may know you more and more, you are my All in All.

Make my body your temple Lord, come, and dwell inside of me. Make my life an open book that the entire world can see.

Let your word be a guide to me, to give me direction along the way. Help me know what is written within; then give me the words to say.

If by chance one soul is saved, let me glory in Your Son. I will lead them to the rugged cross, where the victory has been won.

Then one day when it becomes my time, I will be ready when you call me away. I will place my loved ones in your hands, where safely they will stay.

Then my Lord as I come into your presence, please forgive these tears you see. I am not sad just filled with Joy, for the love you have shown to me. 

You took a sinner who had no hope, and placed me on Holy Ground. Then you sent Your Son, who died for me, no greater love could be found.

So while I wait for that blessed day, let Your Spirit overflow. Fill me, lead me, and guide my steps that my Christian walk may show.

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