Saturday, July 26, 2014

Light of the world

Today you are free to speak about your faith, 
however soon that will be taken away. 
A time is soon coming when they will restrict the Gospel, 
telling you what you cannot say.

Now you can say that you belong to Jesus, 
yet soon you will be mocked and controlled. 
For the time is coming and may now be here, 
where you will have to do as you are told.

This time was spoken about long ago,
 a day of darkness, gloom, and despair. 
The world will be filled with all sorts of evil,
 and will not desire the Gospel we share.

In many countries, it is illegal to preach, 
or even speak of Jesus name. 
Those who believe in the Bible
 are being persecuted and brought to shame.

We are living in this time of great evil, 
where the love of many has now grown cold. 
This will lead to a time of horrible tribulation, 
which the bible says will unfold.

People will not have their questions answered, 
and the worries will start to come true.
 This day of darkness and unholy fear
 will surely paralyze a few.

However, all will be well to the believers in Christ,
 and then Gods word will surely come out.
 God will supply supernatural protection, 
to remove each trace of doubt.

Multitudes will receive the gospel, 
as it moves throughout the land. 
God’s word will slice through the darkness, 
as His people take their stand.

Those who have given themselves over to evil
 will reject every word that they hear.
 Therefore, preach while we still have the daylight,
 for soon God’s Son will appear.

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