Wednesday, July 16, 2014

If there is no God

If there is no God, then we are all most miserable,
 and our lives but a moment in time.
If there is no God then there should be no law,
for nothing should be considered crime.

If there is no God who watches over men,
 then all miracles are just made up dreams.
If there is no God then every joy,
 is but a fragment of what life seems.

If there is no God then there can be no hope,
 and faith surely cannot be.
If there is no God then we all are unimportant,
but just an object like an old elm tree.

If there is no God then why even care,
 or have goodness toward your fellow man.
If there is no God then all of your learning,
 is for a life that you cannot understand.

If there is no God then man is quite fragile,
 and destined for nothing more than this earth.
If there is no God then life is quite shallow,
 a commodity that has little worth.

For all soon come to that final place,
where death soon annuls everyone.
Where all life has finally ended,
 your plans and your future will be done.

Now let me just say to all those with doubt,
 all unbelievers who will just never see.
There is a God, and He created everything,
 I know because He lives in me.

He comforts those who are hurting,
 and He governs all life on His own.
He hears every prayer that has been lifted in faith,
when you search for Him He will truly be shown.

He will not be bothered by our unbelief,
 and will one day reveal His great plan.
Though you may still believe that there is no God,
when you see Him you will then understand.
That emptiness you have within your heart,
is a need that you will never fill.
If by His grace you ask Him to come into your heart,
 I know that the Savior will.

God is not a made up thing,
or just our wishing that this hope will come true.
He is the creator of the universe,
 who has been waiting to fellowship with you.

Yet He will not force you to believe in Him,
 or like a robot lead you about.
One day however you will see your creator,
and you will surely have no doubt.

The fool always says that there is no God,
and this message they continue to sell.
Yet in the end they will cry out to their God,
from the eternal flames of Hell!    

You don’t have to worry about being a sinner,
 for all come before Him the same.
Yet if you decide that, you just will never believe,
you will have no one but yourself to blame.   


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