Sunday, July 20, 2014

He lives in me

 If you find that you are hurting inside,
 remember God knows just how you feel. 
He hears the cry of your saddened heart, 
and He can see your pain is real.

Still many will go through this life unscathed,
 with hardly a battle scar. 
They keep their pain hidden deep inside; 
they do not let their hurt go far.

You may be one who thinks God has forsaken you,
 and left you all alone. 
The truth is He is building you a dwelling,
 which one day will be shown.

Do you remember the day He allowed the world
 to cause great pain to His Son?
 The crown of thorns, the tearing flesh
 all done to the Holy One.

God gave you a heart that can be broken; 
so will He feel your pain too? 
If He cared enough to save your soul, 
does that prove He really loves you?

Sometimes our hurting will bring us closer,
 to the care of the Father above.
 Where He wraps His arms around our hurts,
 and comforts the pain in His love.

When I hear those old hymns,
 I am filled with great joy, and a feeling I pray will not go.
 For in my heart I hear His still small voice,
 telling me He loves me so.

With all the things that are happening today, 
that bring fear, uncertainty, and shame,
 I can still rejoice inside my heart, 
when I hear His wonderful name.

Let me just leave you with one gentle thought,
 in your hurt, your pain or when you grieve.
 God is living in every true believer, 
and nothing will ever make Him leave.  

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