Saturday, July 26, 2014

God's Son

From a lowly stable, to a carpenters shop,
 His life now on the road.
His words were penned by many authors,
the greatest story ever told.

A babe in a manger, a carpenters Son,
this Rabbi, Healer, and friend.
The world set ablaze by His Gospel message,
 from the ones He chose to send.

Then on the cross He awaited His moment,
 No regret, no hatred, just a plan.
His life would now be offered
 for the souls of sinful man.

Darkness soon fell to the valley of death,
 as He spoke His final word.
 Chains were broken, as the ground shook violently,
at the command of this voice they all heard.

Then He slowly lowered His head,
 leaving one final task to be done.
He would rise again, conquering death,
 the proof that He is Gods Son.

Now He is seated at the right hand of the Father,
 and one day He will return for His own.
 The good News is His Spirit lives in every believer,
 so we will never be alone.

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