Thursday, June 26, 2014

God loves you

God’s unconditional love
It happened over two thousand years ago,
when God came down to earth.
This tiny baby lying in a manger
was of super natural birth.

Up above in the heavens,
 the angels all stood still.
For down on earth the Son of God
 would prepare to do God’s will.

All of those upon this earth
 were bound by every sin.
Yet God would offer His hand of grace,
to bring them back again.

It was said He grew up in a carpenter’s shop,
 a trade He knew quite well.
This Master builder would build up lives,
 while delivering souls from Hell.

In the pit of evil darkness,
 demons were watching this great ordeal.
They would try to test, and tempt Him
 to see if His faith was real.

Yet the will of the Father was unbreakable,
 His Son would stand His ground.
They searched for fault, or any hidden sin,
 yet it just could not be found.

No spot or blemish, no sin or shame,
could stain this perfect gift.
For God had come as the only offering
and the curse He knew would lift.

He willingly walked that dusty road
that led to Calvary’s tree.
Where He would lay His life down
 to remove all sin, and set the world free.

Beaten and bloodied, shamed and mocked,
Gods Son would take the scorn.
Man could now look up to that cross,
 repent and be reborn.

This is the love that God has for you,
in that while we were yet sinners He died.
He gladly stayed there taking it all,
 the lamb that they crucified.

One day soon, He will sound the trumpet,
and a shout will come from up there.
Jesus will call out to all the believers,
 and we will join Him in the air.

God had this plan from the beginning
 to seek and save the lost.
Jesus was prepared for whatever was needed,
 and He did not care what it cost.

The Son would honor the Father,
 a sacrifice lifted above.
We are the reason He would die on that cross,
 God’s unconditional Love.

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