Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The First Load

He hammered and cut, and spread in the pitch, all the years he spent to fulfill God’s command. He was mocked and even laughed at, ridiculed by those who could not understand.

Yet he knew what God had told him, that all flesh on the earth would be destroyed. So he continued the work he was told to finish, allowing himself to not be annoyed.

Once the ark was finally finished, and filled to the very brim, Noah, his family, all joined with the animals, and the Lord closed the door behind him.

This story is a picture of what lies ahead, a future that could happen today. Jesus is the ark of safety, which will catch all of God’s people away.

Once this happens that door will again close, as the flood of evil will arrive. Death will then claim a multitude of souls, those unbelievers who were left here alive.

Now Noah listened to the word from the Lord, and he did everything that he was told. Today if you obey the word that was given, you will one day walk on those streets of gold.

Now as for me my friend, you can laugh me to scorn, even mock, if you wish, yet I will do as I have been told. For when I hear that trumpet sound, I am going up in the very first load.

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