Tuesday, May 13, 2014

One Hour

The entire world all watched in horror, as Babylon fell in one hour. The one who had traded with every land is now stricken of her power.

When evil began to multiply this land pushed God out of sight. Now all the smoke and all the horror, shows she has lost the power and might.

Many stand and mourn her loss, they weep as they watch her fade. Seeing her final fall from grace, in the land that blood once made.

Oh Babylon, religious Babylon, why did you turn away? God blessed your land for many years, yet behold your plight today.

Every people had done business with you, a once great and mighty land. Yet you turned your back on the God of all, therefore He removed His protective hand.

Now as you set in ashes, the rest of the world ponders your fate. For you have received a righteous reward, from the God you chose to hate.

I wonder could you be America, with religion of every kind. Could you be the land of every evil, where goodness you cannot find?

If America is truly Babylon, she has lost her moment of power.  Babylon will fall in the soon coming days, and it will only take one hour.

America, America, you are turning your back on the LORD. Babylon will fall as it has been said; the world will mourn in one accord.

You still have time to turn back, repent, and take a stand. Call out to God who may show you mercy, and come and heal your land.

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