Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Oh precious Holy Spirit

Oh precious Holy Spirit, please come and dwell in me, make my life a work of joy that all the world can see.

Set my feet on higher ground, while leading me all the way, give to me a word for others, and show me what to say.

Lead me into all truth my Lord, so that I will know what to do, humble me as I reach out to others, that I can point them all to You.

Give me wisdom Holy Spirit, to speak in Jesus name, keep the memory of the judgment in my mind, showing them Hell is not a game.

When I am feeling weary and my strength is almost done, open my eyes and remind me Lord, my duty to Gods Son.

Help me look at others differently, knowing I was in their place. Give to me a forgiving heart, with a measure of your grace.

Let my body be your temple, make it clean and keep it new. While in the quiet of my soul, I may fellowship with you.
Jesus I stand on your promise, that with me you would never part. Place your word, and all your love, forever in my heart.

Give me power over sin, and be a lamp unto my feet. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, with you I am complete.

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