Saturday, May 24, 2014


The children today are caught in a trap,
 of all the glitter of the Hollywood stars.
 The music has taken control of their thoughts,
like a prisoner behind steel bars.

 The pressure they face has been magnified,
by their friends and their own disgrace,
 all that they have will be taken away,
and another will steal their place.

Their fame has reached the pinnacle of success,
 like an idol that is starting to grow.
They are walking a road that everyone is walking,
yet they never can reach their goal.

 Many will be confused as the end draws near,
 for who can protect their today?
They have lost all the time they were given,
and now they have nothing to say.

 God is preparing to stop all this madness,
and come and take His rightful place.
 Every soul rather good or bad
will stand and see His face.

 No movie star or famous singer
will have a good defense.
 For the rap, the pop, and the rock and roll
 will never again make sense.

 Now you may have been the most popular person
 that everyone wanted to see.
 However, when the Lord calls you to stand before Him,
your beauty will just not be.

You can joke or laugh, and make fun if you wish,
 and even say this is not true.
 Nevertheless, what will you say to the living God
who is staring back at you?

 None of your songs will mean a thing,
and you can flaunt your beauty galore.
 However, no one will end your judgment day,
 where your beauty will be no more.

You can win the American idol on earth,
and this world may think you are great.
 Yet when you stand before the God of all,
 repenting will be too late.

Walk with the crowd and what they do,
 cling to every fad. However,
 remember God will someday judge you,
and remove all the things you once had.

Just look at what this world is like today,
 how much longer you think this will last.
Now you can call Him to save your soul,
but soon even this time will pass.

Get your mind out of that prison;
 and tell that devil you have had enough.
 Do not fall for his tricks anymore, for soon,
 it is going to get rough.

Those famous crowds are walking a road to destruction,
 with an end that is soon to be.
For God is getting ready to judge us all,
and this truth you are about to see.

 Call on God to save your soul
 for you may only have today,
do not continue to press your luck,
 or there may be hell to pay.

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