Monday, May 26, 2014

A special poem to all who served/revised

                                     A call to arms

he night was cold for these lonely soldiers, and their only friend was their gun.
Kids who answered their country’s call were in a foxhole that had room for one.

The darkness around them was filled with uncertainty, yet they had to survive another horrible day. As they lay there staring up to the star filled sky, to God they began to pray.

Would they ever see their family again, or would the next day cause them to fall?
Would the price for freedom claim another soul who  answered their country’s call?

 In another foxhole, one had their mind filled with memories of the family that they left behind. Just wondering if they would again feel their love, or see their faces even one more time.

Here these, soldiers who were in this foreign land, lay prepared to take it all.
Freedom always has a price to pay, when answering your country’s call.

Many of these young soldiers have found themselves in this place, where they were hated and many times, faced with criticism and disgrace.

It is here where death would do its best, to chase these young soldiers down.
Yet they knew that fear was their worst enemy, so with honor they became duty bound.

There in a foxhole you could hear them quietly weeping, for the friends that were lost along the way. Still they stood their ground and pushed forward, to another uncertain day.

Many remember their life is in God’s hands every time they would kneel to pray.
As God watches over their seeking heart, protecting them as they enter the fray.

They gather as friends are laid down to rest, a young kid who laid down their life.
Back at home, the news is grim for the family as they leave behind a husband or wife.

Will this country honor these fallen heroes, who for our freedom gave their all?
Will they remember it was not their desire to die; they were just answering their country’s call?

Will they welcome home the maimed and crippled, all the ones who felt the pain? Will they love those kids who have lain in the blood of other soldiers who were slain?

The next time you see a soldier stop and thank them because you are free.
They have kept our country safe each day, from the air, the land, and sea.

Remember as another one goes into a battle, it is they who must overcome fear.
Pray that heaven will shine down on their life ask God to always be near.

For a soldiers job is an honorable one, but their honor is seldom given.
Many forget where their freedom came from, or that peace that now they are living.

The call may come to defend our country; therefore will you be ready to give your all? For that peace you enjoy came from the blood of many, who have answered their country’s call.

A special thank you to all who have served and their families who have endured the loss, God bless you!

And God Bless our Troops, all the Men and women who have given their all!

Gerald Bergeron

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