Monday, April 7, 2014

Contact Prayer

Whoever is reading this poem today, Father I just place them in your hand. Now I know this prayer may seem strange to some, yet I know Lord you will understand.

The one who is reading this may need healing, so I agree with them now as one. We now lift this burden to the great physician, Jesus your precious Son.

Maybe they may need a blessing in their finances; whatever they may, need you know why. We come to you with this special need, giving thanks to You, El Shaddai.

The person who is reading this may feel like no one cares or may need to feel your wonderful love. Father I lift them up to your loving arms, please reach down, to them from above.

Let them receive your refreshing anointing, where your Spirit will fill them within. Let them feel the power of your Holy Spirit, and give them power over every sin.

Whatever they need Lord, we agree together, asking that their prayer be heard. Pour out your blessings, as they call on your name, believing what is written in your word.

I may not be standing there with this person, yet I totally agree quite the same. We come before you with faith to believe, in the name above every name.

Let this now become our point of contact, where we are gathered in the name of your Son. By faith, we now enter that throne room of grace, believing that it will be done. Amen!

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