Friday, March 7, 2014



He was seated in the throne room in glory, when a word began to sound. God was looking for a righteous one on earth, yet no one could be found.

Then God heard a voice in glory, which sounded of heavenly grace. Sacrifices and offerings do not please you Father, therefore I will take their place.

Gods plan would now move forward, as the Lamb embraced the call. He would now step out from Heaven, to redeem man from the fall.

Down on earth they heard a messenger, proclaiming the coming King. He would ignite the fire of the Holy Spirit, and salvation he would bring.

Soon His light began to shine, and fear began to grow. Darkness revealed an inner evil and terror began to show.

The sin of the world now manifest, with the truth now shining bright. Yet many loved the darkness, and were blinded by the light.

They rushed upon the Lamb of God, all hollering crucify. One must take the place of many, this chosen one has to die.

They judged Him and then beat Him, never contemplating their loss. They took the Lamb sent down from God and nailed Him to the cross.

Still in the heart of the Son of God, flowed the Blood that would set them free. It would cry out to all to come by faith to that place called Calvary.

He was obedient to His Father even though He was always the same, He, would forever be called the King of Kings, with a Name above every Name.

Many still come to the rugged cross, seeking a great reward. They leave behind a life of darkness, to make Jesus Christ their Lord.

Now you can come to Him by faith, leaving your sinful life today. The Lamb of God will save your soul, because there is no other way!

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