Saturday, January 11, 2014

Feed My sheep

I turned to face the Savior, His glimpse it caught my eye. “Oh, Lord I could never deny you impossible I would rather die.”

However, at that very moment when my words began to part, the rooster crowed and He looked at me, His stare it broke my heart.

I fled that place in agony; did I really deny my Lord? Did my words betray His trust in me; it sliced me like a sword.

As I stood there weeping I could see no hope, and it hurt from deep within. For down inside my pitiful soul, I cried, “Please forgive my sin.”

The days went by and the hurting stayed, could I ever face my King? Then as I came to the empty tomb, my spirit began to sing.

The Lord had promised He would return, and I prayed He would forgive my past. My mourning was finally turned into joy, when I saw the Lord at last.

He said, “Do you love me Simon,” and my tears began to fall. I said, “Lord you know I love you, my Lord You know it all.”

Then as Jesus finished speaking, I turned and saw Him smile. Right then I knew He had forgiven me, even though I failed my trial.

Then He said, “I love you, now go, and feed my sheep.” I felt His love inside my soul, a feeling that was so sweet.

Then the Lord breathed on all of us, and we knew it would be all right. We watched as He was lifted up and vanished from our sight.

We understood what He was telling us, that one day we would join Him too. Yet you must always remember that no one is perfect, for Peter could have been you.

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