Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Consumed by the moment

Today I began to wonder, what happened to the Church, the true church of God. I thought of what it was like when I first heard the good news, I believed it and gave my life to Jesus.

I was and will always be dedicated to serving Him forever. Today however I see a different church, a church that has lost their power, they speak from the bible, yet they have began to entertain instead of being steadfast and unmovable in the faith.

I know what I am saying is unpopular, and quite offensive, yet I will remind you Jesus also offended those who had religion without God. The church I see today, is quite different from the Holy Ghost Power filled one I grew to love.

Doctrinal squabbles over baptism, prayer, even when the Lord will return. I have heard many quarreling over who is right and who is wrong, yet not one word about who is Lord. I know you have great faith.

Yet in these last days we are living in, it takes the same faith that were once displayed and unmovable. remember Daniels three friends, willing to endure the furnace, if need be, yet they would choose God over all else.

The churches today have placed more stock in their tax exempt over challenging the world for the truth, all the while countless souls enter eternity Damned forever. When will you get that furnace moment, when even if we are consumed we will still trust God.

How will we ever convince the  world that God will supply, if we ourselves do not believe what we preach?

Daniel refused to change His Spiritual ways even if He had to die to prove his faith in God, he received his moment of truth and God was there for him.

Now I wish to ask you one very important question, then I will be quiet and keep my thoughts to myself…do you really believe in the God you confess, or is your life worth more to you then your eternity?

I am a little confused, you say you have the truth, you say you are the final Church, you say you believe, yet you act as though you do not know God.

Let me remind you about the most important thing you must understand, Jesus gave His Spirit to lead every true believer, and He promised to never forsake His own, ever, if you have the power then get a moment.

Peter preached with that power and thousands came to God, was it Peters wisdom that saved them, was it his entertainment, or his looks? I think not, he was a fisherman, he smelled like fish, yet their was one very special thing that many churches do not have that he did. THE POWER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT.

Do you have the Holy Spirit in your church, if not it is time for you to have a moment, stand up for God and even if the world consumes you, God will be there!  Take the time to get in the moment, at all cost, your testimony can start with, the Holy Spirit gave me the power to…Father Thy will be done.      

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