Friday, December 20, 2013

The Glory of the Father


The dead in Christ will rise before us;

they will meet Him in the air.

We who are alive at His coming

will also join them there.


Jesus will welcome all of the saints,

and address them all by name.

None of them will be left out,

for He loves them all the same.


That day will surely be joyful,

as they make ready the wedding feast.

The bride will all be together,

from the greatest to the least.


All will kneel before the King of Kings,

casting their crowns down at His feet.

As they all shout King of Kings and Lord of Lords

with a sound that will be so sweet.


Then they will hush, as heaven becomes silent,

as they see the reward that was sown.

As Angels and elders all step aside,

revealing Jesus on His glorious throne.


One by one they will come before Him,

to receive their just reward.

There every saint will finally be united,

Worshipping in one accord.

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