Monday, December 30, 2013



The thunder crashed with lighting was flashing, while darkness covered the land. There upon a roman cross, the world now hung in God’s hand.

Beaten and bleeding in the sight of all man, the source of all life now died. Paying for the sins of the entire world, by now being crucified.

With every drop of blood He gave, all sin would be washed away. He marked paid in full to every sinner, crucified with Him that day.

Now all who believed in His sacrifice would die with Him on that tree. To accept the Lamb supplied by God, that would set all sinners free.

Now if you want your sins forgiven, you must call upon His name. Do not allow that old man back, or you will fall back and become the same.

If your sinful nature was put to death, it was placed upon that cross. It was laid upon the Lamb of God, payment for the price it cost.

God was there hanging in your stead, your penalty there on that tree. So that you could be forgiven, if you would come to Calvary.

Even though no good is in my flesh, and my two natures are at war you see. It is not I who lives my friend; but Christ who lives in me.

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