Sunday, December 1, 2013

From my coming book:A Touch of Heaven/Abiding in Him.

Moving the Veil


As I walked into the outer courtyard, I was preparing myself to enter in.

Passing the brazen alter, where my sacrifice would now begin.

I gazed at my clothing, which now seemed to glow, and I was wearing a snow-white robe.

I turned to look behind me where I could see earths spiraling globe.

There before this beautiful temple I saw a very massive door.

Where I knew I was in a place of true worship, where I had never been before.

To my right was a table filled with bread, on my left an eight-candle lamp burning bright.

It continued to give off a wonderful glare with its beautiful glowing light.

Then I came to a smaller table with an aroma that smelled so great.

I then saw a solid curtain, a veil like a large massive gate.

I reached to try to move one of the layers, yet I failed in every try.

There I stood feeling all alone and in despair, I began to cry.

I then heard a voice right behind me, which caught me by surprise.

I turned and saw my Jesus, and the tears started to flow from my eyes.

He said why are you weeping my child, for surely you can enter in.

The veil you see before you, will only keep out your sin.

Yet you are wearing the robe I gave you, and by faith, you should always have tried.

The curtain will always open for you, and allow you to come inside.

As He opened the veil before me, we went in and never left me alone.

I could not believe I was in the holiest place, right there before His holy throne.

Now this story as you see is about prayer, of how we can come before His throne room of grace.

We can bring our request to our Father in heaven as we enter into the holiest place.

The robe of righteousness will always allow us access, for Jesus already removed our sin.

We can come by the blood of Gods holy Son and boldly enter in.

Therefore, reach for that veil with assurance, knowing that you can enter His Grace, for there before the throne of God He will meet you face to face.

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