Tuesday, December 17, 2013



The blood stained cross on Calvary’s hill, a reminder that the debt was paid. All of the sins past, present, and future, the payment has been made.

When Jesus said it is finished, and the sacrifice was finally done. All the guilt and all the punishment were placed upon God’s Son.

The earth turned dark and violently shook, while evil dropped the reigns. Cleansing blood dripped to the earth, flowing from Emmanuel’s veins.

The Father watched from heaven, as they viciously attacked His Son. His wrath held back by a loving heart, so atonement could be won.

The carnal side of the Son of God now breathed His final breath. Committing His spirit to His Father above, He closed His eyes in death.

Hell and all its minions were waiting for victory to arrive. Yet three days later, they just stood in awe, to see that Jesus was alive.

He took the keys of death and hell, and removed its mortal sting. Then He stepped back into His body again, as Savior, Lord, and King.

Now He is alive forever more, to remove every person’s sin. One day He will mount His horse, and the Lord will come again.

The sacrifice for atonement required a lamb to die. Jesus became that sacrifice that the world would crucify.

We are saved from the entire penalty, and our redemption has been made. For the Lamb of God laid down His life, and stamped our judgment paid.

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