Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A Christmas Gift


Christmas without Christ, is just like day without the light. The sun may be shining beyond the clouds, yet it will still be dark as night.

By taking Jesus out of your Christmas, there is no need to celebrate. It only shows your contempt for others, and exposes your hidden hate.

Christmas trees called by another name could stay decorated every day. Yet you fear the Christ attached to Christmas tree, so you want it taken away.

This one holiday you would like to change; by saying, it offends the crowd. When Christians say they are offended by Halloween, it makes you laugh out loud.

Please make me understand your logic, of why Christmas scares you so. Why not just say you hate all Christians, and want them all to go.

You my friend are missing one fact, which can never be torn apart. You may take the Christ off Christmas, yet never from the Christians heart.

His birth, His life, and even His death, we will cherish every day. For Jesus is alive forever more and to get to heaven He is the only way.

It is not about the Christmas trees, the presents or the fun, it is about the God who so loved the world, that He sent His only Son.

You may not believe in Jesus and that is your right it is true. Yet every Christian has a right to believe in Jesus, without being attacked by you.

Therefore, here is my Christmas gift to you, even though you do not believe. Jesus God’s Son will save your soul, if you open your heart to receive.

Then when you hear the name of Christ, a smile will then cross your face. For in your heart you will feel the Savior, as He deposits His amazing grace.  

Merry Christmas…

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