Wednesday, November 27, 2013



There is a road, which leads to heaven, a narrow road indeed.

Every soul who finds this way will discover they are freed.

There is another road, which leads to destruction, and many will go this way. Yet when they reach the gates of hell, they will find they have to stay.

The narrow one leads to heaven, where only the righteous will get in. These righteous souls have called on Jesus to wash away their sin.

The wide one leads to unspeakable suffering, where the fire will never go out. Those who are on this deadly road have lived their lives in doubt.

These different roads, will take a sinner to their choice in eternity. One will lock them into eternal torment while the other will set them free.

The wide road is one that many will find; disguised as pleasure untold. Yet you find it was quite deceiving, as you reach the end of this road.

Still all who have chosen the narrow road will be met with peace and love. For waiting for them at the end of this road, is the God of heaven above.

While treading on the narrow road you will discover just what makes you free. For this road will start at a rugged cross and a place called Calvary.

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