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Monday, September 18, 2017

No more fear

The boat came to shore, and He walked into the burial grounds, His eyes looking all about. He came to set a poor soul free, and cast the demons out.

One man came running toward Him, and stopped just short of the King. Jesus just asked the man who he was, while the others spoke not a thing.

“I am Legion,” the possessed man squealed, as the others just stared in fear. Jesus just commanded the demons out, and into the swine that were gathered near.

Free from the demons the man laid on the ground, as tears began filling his eyes. The pigs all ran into the water and drowned, the others just stood there surprised.

One command from the Master was all it took, to free a poor soul in distress. He taught His followers a future promise that they too could do no less.

God placed the devil under our feet, and there he would have to stay. Yet many of the followers of Jesus have doubt, that they too can do it His way.

Jesus said we would do greater things that would let the entire world know. They would see that we have the Power of Jesus, inside us wherever we go.

Faith is the substance, which builds up all hope, and allows us to stand in the fray. When we speak in the name of Jesus, demons will run away.

However when we walk in the Spirit of God, we will never know defeat. Because, Jesus owns the battle, and in Him there is no retreat!

Thursday, August 31, 2017

He Said It

The hatred and pain of those who do right, mostly impacts those who are poor. Every year they are promised great change that is coming, but in truth it will be as before.

Yet they follow as though they had twenty, twenty vision, acting as if none of them care. In truth they are following blindly, and will fall into a pit of despair.

How can you say things are getting better, when every day you still face just the same? You stand up for those who stand guilty, and watch as they are pointing the blame.

This is the reason that many people suffer, at the mercy of wicked who lead. We are ruled by broken promises, with leaders who are filled with greed.

God sent His Son to make a way, He would come and make all things right. He came to seek and save the lost, and to lead them into the light.

There is a day soon coming, where all evil will pay for their sin. A day that was promised by Jesus, He said He would come back again.

His promise is not given to just some people, for He loves us ALL the same. He is coming for those who have believed in Him, everyone called by His name.

Yes this world is in a real mess, and it may seem as though evil will win. However one day the clouds will all roll back, and the Savior will return once again.

Those who have been causing the destruction are the ones who have caused every hurt. They will hide themselves from the KING of KINGS, who will crush them in the dirt.

Those who make Jesus their Savior will forever be safe with God’s Son. This is one promise you can believe in, He said it, and it will be done!

Wednesday, August 23, 2017


If Jesus were to return today what would He behold? 
Would His house be filled with happy sheep, 
or would there be goats throughout His fold?

Would they all come to Him in a moment,
 as He called out every name? 
Would they bow their heads, run and hide, 
too afraid to show their shame?

What, if Jesus signaled to us from heaven
 with a shout saying, “COME UP HERE?” 
Would you have to decide if you were ready to go, 
or would you run away in fear?

What do you think you would be doing
 when the Master comes again? 
Would he find you faithfully doing His work,
 or involved in some hidden sin?

What if all of the sudden he gave the command,
 and lifted the church to the sky? 
Would you be there with the saints in the air, 
or standing here wondering why?

One day the moment will finally arrive, 
and the Lord will descend from the air.
 He will shout those words we have been waiting for, 
and every saint will meet Him there.

That is why we must always be ready,
 and trusting Him each time we pray. 
For Jesus could come in the blink of an eye,
 I wonder…will it be today?

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

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Jesus alone

Jesus is the only way that I shall see heavens shore.  One day when I finally leave this earth, in heaven I will be alive once more.

It is not because I deserve to live, and surly nothing I have done. My salvation is based on what God has offered the sacrifice of His Son.

I was a sinner headed for Hell; I was guilty before the Lord. The debt for sin was eternal death, a payment I could never afford.

My life was clouded with darkness, and one day God called out to me. Out thru that darkness I saw His light, mercy that would set me free.

A sound from the cross shouted “IT IS FINISHED” with His blood offered to pay the price. The Lamb of God now took my place, becoming my sacrifice.

There in the mire of all my sin, in that life that kept me bound. God sent down His Spirit, and He turned my life around.

Now I belong to Jesus my Lord, I am a servant to my King. The day I stand in judgment, thanks to Him I will not owe a thing.

Those gates of heaven will swing wide open, and there at His feet I shall fall. For God has rescued me form Hell, He is my All in All.

Friday, July 28, 2017

The battle is the LORDS


The clouds disappeared and the sky rolled back, what a fearful and awesome sight. There upon a snow-white steed, was Jesus in a brilliant light.

He had eyes like a flame, and a voice like thunder, and all the armies of heaven at His side. Here was the Judge who now rendered them guilty, not the Lamb that they crucified.

Out of His mouth came a double-edged sword, as He spoke every word sliced the sky. He had King of Kings, and Lord of Lord’s, written upon His thigh.

The enemy pointed his defiant finger, with blasphemous words on his breath. While one by one, his weak little forces were all being put to death.

Every word from the Lord had great power, and thousands began to fall. As their blood began to fill up the valley, the birds came to devour them all.

Then in the ranks of the enemy camp, a warning came down to retreat. For all who came against the Son of God, were crushed beneath His feet.

Their evil captain and his second in command were captured as his army fell. Then they were judged and both thrown alive, into a fiery pit of hell.

The dragon, which caused this rebellion, was chained into a bottomless abyss. This was that enemy that caused all the evil, that old devil that no one would miss.

Then on this earth for a thousand years, God’s children received blessings unknown. While thousand’s and thousand’s shouted, holy, holy, holy, as Jesus sat down on His throne.

Revelation 19:11-21