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Friday, December 1, 2017


 The waters raged, the thunder crashed, and the lightning flashed so bright. The wind was blowing violently, and the daylight turned into night.

All who witnessed this fearful sight were paralyzed inside.
Surely, death was at the door, and there was no place, where they could hide.

They turned to the one who could help them, Lord we parish and still you sleep. This terrible storm has threatened to sink us, and carry us into the deep.

He opened His eyes in amazement, and He marveled at their fear and doubt. Here they are with the Son of God, and can still see no way out.

He turned and faced the raging storm, and spoke His anointed will. All His followers stood in awe, as they heard Him say “Be Still.”

Then at that very moment, the nighttime turned into day. The clouds were gone, and the storm was over, and the danger gone away.

He turned to them and said in wonder “why are you filled with fear? Don’t you know that nothing can harm you, as long as I am here?”

That is why we must always believe, that no matter what we go through. The storms in your life are powerless, when you have Jesus living in you.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

God saved my soul

  God saved my soul

A long time ago, I walked in darkness, with the flames of hell at my feet. I was on that path to that fiery pit, a charge with no retreat.

This world never offered a word of warning, just a cheering at what seemed my fate. Then one day I heard a call from heaven, which stopped me before it was too late.

God in all of His mercy, reached down and He offered me His grace. He pointed me to that place of salvation, where He chose to take my place.

There on the altar where forgiveness was made, God’s Son was crucified. I was the one who stood guilty, yet His Lamb took my punishment and died.

Tears filled my eyes as the darkness lifted, my life that was broken He made whole. I felt my spirit become alive within, as Jesus renewed my soul.

Now I am a child of the Almighty, I belong to His family above. He took those things that were destroying my life, and replaced them with His merciful love.  

Sunday, September 24, 2017

In Jesus name

Sickness may come, yet I am not afraid,
 for Jesus is my Savior and Lord. 
When that enemy says that I am defeated,
 I just lift up God’s Word as a sword.

I tell that sickness, “YOU HAVE TO GO,” 
don’t think you can take a claim.
 I am a child of the Most High God, 
and I rebuke you in Jesus name!

In this life I am not afraid of anything, 
and in death I have nothing to fear. 
Jesus is my deliverer, 
and in me He is always near.

Therefore I stand against every sickness,
 lifting God’s promises without shame. 
Sickness, poverty, and every evil of that devil,
 you have to, GO IN JESUS NAME!

Don’t waste another moment fretting,
 and do not set and cower in fear. 
Trust in God when the enemy attacks your faith,
 speak God’s promises, and that devil will disappear.

Speak in the name of Jesus; 
trust all your cares to God’s Son. 
He took the battle to that rugged cross, 
and the resurrection is where it was won.

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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Your Desire

 Noah was instructed to build an ark, for the saving of his own. The world was filled with every evil, and the judgment for sin had grown.

Lot was told to leave Sodom; judgment would soon come when he was out. His wife his wife forgot the warning of looking back, and paid the price for her doubt.

Moses was told that he was the one, who would lead God’s people to the Promised Land. Yet forty years they would wander the desert, because they did not understand.

 Now we see God at a lowly stable for the birth of His only begotten Son. Here was the miracle of Salvation, who would reconcile, and save everyone.

Now the years have passed, and the sacrifice was offered, the promise soon to be. The same Jesus, who ascended into heaven, will come back for the world to see.

Life and sin, doubt and pain, still cause many to lose their way. Many refuse to believe in God, just like back in Noah’s day.

They mock, they ridicule, even blaspheming God, while hiding inside their fear. They still miss the warning that Jesus is coming, and the end is finally near.

When Noah entered into the Ark, it was the Lord who shut him in. the rest of the world would all be destroyed, because they loved their sin.

Remember Lot made it to the mountain, because he never looked back again. His wife became a pillar of salt, fir the doubt she held within.

On and on we could show in the bible, yet the point comes right back to you. God has given the end time warning of what He is about to do.

Seals, trumpets, and bowls of wrath, will surely change every plan. He will cause this world to make a choice, to take one final stand.

Here is a choice now set before you, Eternal life, or the Lake of fire. The Ark of our God will soon set sail, choose this day your desire.

Monday, September 18, 2017

No more fear

The boat came to shore, and He walked into the burial grounds, His eyes looking all about. He came to set a poor soul free, and cast the demons out.

One man came running toward Him, and stopped just short of the King. Jesus just asked the man who he was, while the others spoke not a thing.

“I am Legion,” the possessed man squealed, as the others just stared in fear. Jesus just commanded the demons out, and into the swine that were gathered near.

Free from the demons the man laid on the ground, as tears began filling his eyes. The pigs all ran into the water and drowned, the others just stood there surprised.

One command from the Master was all it took, to free a poor soul in distress. He taught His followers a future promise that they too could do no less.

God placed the devil under our feet, and there he would have to stay. Yet many of the followers of Jesus have doubt, that they too can do it His way.

Jesus said we would do greater things that would let the entire world know. They would see that we have the Power of Jesus, inside us wherever we go.

Faith is the substance, which builds up all hope, and allows us to stand in the fray. When we speak in the name of Jesus, demons will run away.

However when we walk in the Spirit of God, we will never know defeat. Because, Jesus owns the battle, and in Him there is no retreat!