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Friday, November 30, 2018

No Greater Love

There was a day when the people saw God’s love; the world was filled with great light. God was at work redeeming fallen mankind, and setting their futures right.

He looked down to this world to see if any understood, for everyone had lost their way. A voice from the throne room in heaven was heard, God’s Son would go to save the day.

Setting aside His riches and glory, He was ready to leave His crown there above. Choosing to be the Lamb sent from heaven, Jesus would now reveal His Fathers love.

The past now called out for the payment of sin, and death would become each person’s loss. Yet God had prepared this sacrifice, to be offered on an old rugged cross.

Taking our pain, and the weight of our sin, God’s Son would now stand in our place. He would die in our stead, and receive all the punishment, offering His love and grace.

There on that cross God canceled the debt, His loving Son would now set us all free. Jesus would take the sin of the world, and nail our debt to that tree.

There may have been tears in Jesus eyes, yet joy would now fill his soul. Up in heaven His Father was now glorified, His plan of redemption made whole.

No greater love then to lay down one’s life, this sacrifice of God’s precious Son. He sent Him to save a world that was lost, because He loved each and every one.

Friday, September 21, 2018

Saved by Grace

I am a sinner, saved by grace, who does not deserve to be free. God knew that I was guilty, and He still reached out to me.

While living in a place of darkness, my life was mired in sin. Yet God led me to that rugged cross, where I became born again.

Many times His call would come, yet His message just was not heard. I was bound in darkness, chained to sin, and refused to believe His word.

One day I was up against the wall, I had no other place left to run. There I stood facing the cross of Jesus, and there I met God’s Son.

I opened the bible and read what was written, and soon I began to cry. I found out I could live forever, and His promise that I would never die.

There before the Lamb of God, I offered to Him my all. My eyes were now clear; my ears were now opened, as I finally heard His call.   

I asked my Lord to forgive my sins, as the darkness began to part. I felt a love that was more real than life, as His Spirit came into my heart.

I knew that I would be forever different, and that I was free at last. There at the foot of the rugged cross, is where I crucified my past.

Monday, July 23, 2018

Unconditional/ Poem

If you could take one thing to heaven, I wonder what you would take there. Would you gather your wealth, or lots of food, or your most expensive suit to wear?

Would you reach out to people to come with you, all those you have known for years? Would you reach for your cellphone, your greatest collection, or the things that control all your fears?
How about taking your favorite bible, or the song book that helped you feel good inside? Would you rather take a list of all your good deeds, or a covering for what you wish to hide?

Well here is the only thing you can take with you; it’s no bigger than your spirit and soul. It is the grace that the Lord has given to you, the one gift that allows you to go.

None of those things that we have here on earth, all those material possessions must stay. The real you will be called up to heaven, the day Jesus lifts us away.

The Lord will shout to you from heaven, and clothe you in a white robe from above. There you will finally find your one true treasure, in God’s unconditional love.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Eyes on the prize


We walk by faith in Jesus, resisting all the enemies’ lies. We esteem the treasure far greater, keeping our hearts locked on the prize.

These treasures on earth are only temporary, and soon will pass away. The pleasures on earth will only steal your joy, and cause you to miss that day.

Now we live in these earthly tents, awaiting that heavenly place. Keep your eyes on the path God has laid; never take for granted His grace.

The time is now closer than it was ever before, and faith is a part of your spirit. In a moment our God could call us all home, just as long as we are able to hear it.

Many more things may take place in our time, and soon even those days will be past. Our future will soon become our forever, as we are lifted to see Jesus at last.

You have not suffered unto death on this earth, no matter what the trials may be. Just keep your eyes on the treasure for the faithful, where Jesus will set us all free.

The time is now no lay aside the worry, and forsake all the sinful pleasure.  Like a faithful servant who keeps their eye on the prize, to one day receive God’s treasure.

Friday, April 13, 2018

Judge not

When I first became a believer, I had only one desire. I wanted to be a powerful preacher, filled with the Holy Ghost fire.

Many times I would dream of a sermon, where I would touch the hardest heart. Many times I would envision the sinner in hell receiving their evil part.

I could see myself preaching with blood shot eyes, pointing out all of their sin. As I rushed into the battle, to fight for the truth, then do it again and again. 

Then one day while pointing my finger, God’s powerful light began to shine. All of the darkness dissolved before me, to reveal all the sins that were mine.

My face became flush; my pride was exposed, as my tears began to flow. There I stood among those I condemned, awaiting His mercy to show.

There was no way out as I faced the truth, so down on my knees I fell. How could I ask Him for forgiveness, when all I could see was hell?

My eyes became opened, as the sermon ended, no more preaching about the punishment that I now deserved.
Yet there in Gods light I found Jesus, and He gave me a commission to serve.

No more would I be that favored preacher, no more would I see their sin grow. Now I was given the good news, the message Jesus wanted them to know.

I would now preach His love with compassion, which was what He wants all of us to do. Remembering we also were sinners, who needed salvation too.

Now I was equipped with and message of life, because I was able to cast my life down. Knowing that I was also saved by God’s grace, His love I had finally found.

Now when I tell someone about Jesus, I remind them of what’s waiting above. I give them the gospel with compassion, and reach out to them with God’s love.