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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Christmas Morning

Christmas Morning

When you gather together on Christmas morning, give honor to Gods Son that day. Remember how much God loves you, He sent Jesus to show you the way.

You may sing of the baby in the manger, or the multitude proclaiming the king. You can sing of the day a star shown from heaven, for his birth is what caused them to sing.

Jesus would now bring peace on earth, good will to every man. God sent His Son who could point all to heaven, and help them to understand.

Yes it is a time for giving, as God gave His great gift of love. He wrapped it and sealed it in Salvation, than He sent it to us all from above.

Many will read of Gods Christmas story, that day when peace came down to this earth. His free gift of grace was offered to all, seen in the Saviors birth.

Just remember how great it was, the day He was born, how it caused all the multitude to sing. FOR UNTO YOU IS BORN THIS DAY IN THE CITY OF DAVID OUR KING!

Monday, November 14, 2016

You Are Wonderfully Created (Poem)

As a believer in Christ I can truly say, that God is on my side. He watches over me with love and joy, and with mercy He will never hide.

People wonder at His glory and power, and simply stand in awe, to see our God in all of His glory, makes one bow down at what they saw.

This week I have heard many shouting racism, that place where the devil can win. The reason is because people are afraid of the outside, while the hatred they harbor within.

You must watch out for the tricks of the devil, stop judging by a persons skin, Jesus can remove that hatred, by removing all of the sin.

God has many loving colors, He created us all In His plan, love was the glue that would keep us together, and still we just cant understand.

He created us all in His image, just the way that He envisioned us to be, you may be quite different on the outside, but inside you are the same as me.

He loves us all with an undying love, and sent His Son to make sure that we knew. start telling your children they are wonderfully made, for that is what God wants you to do.

Make sure your children understand they are special, they are part of an eternal plan. when you feel as though you are alone with no hope, just reach out and take Jesus Hand...YOU ARE HIS AND HE LOVES YOU BECAUSE YOU ARE YOU.

Friday, October 21, 2016

It is up to you

It’s up to you

When things in life have gotten you down, and you just don’t know what to do. Just call on the One who can comfort your soul, He really does care for you.

Life can be hard, and our pain is real, however you are not alone. God has not left you by yourself; if you seek Him He will be shown.

You may be wounded, you may be hurt, and your heart may be broken in two. Let me first say that God loves you, and it is He who will see you thru.

You may be sick or even dying, and do not know where to turn. Just know that God watches all of your life, and your forever is His concern.

Now touching love, there is no greater, than that God would send down His Son. His love for you is why He did it, and He would have done it if you were the only one.

Jesus died to pay for your sins, to redeem and make your life new. Now you can have Eternal life, God leaves that choice to you.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Nana’s Chair

She would stay up late reading her bible, into the early morning light. Then start each new day praying that her children would be safe that night.

She would lift their names before the Lord and pray for their salvation too. They would hear her praying often, for this she would always do.

Well Nana has gotten older and the years have taken its toll. However, no matter if Nana could barely see to God’s word she would always go.

Time has gone by and she has passed away, but her bible still sits by her chair. Even though her children are grown and married, her memory still lingers there.

Many children were lifted to God, by Nana’s that trusted his word. They would pray for those that they loved so much, never quitting until their prayers were heard.

These prayer warriors would stay in the shadows many sleepless nights untold. They were lifting their loved ones up to God, a treasure more costly then gold.

Now they leave their legacy, all these champions of the Lord. They have stormed the airwaves of heaven, as they carried God’s eternal sword.

Still somewhere in their family, another one now takes their place. Someone who was brought before the Lord, to received His saving grace.

They will pray for all their children, while placing them in God’s care; continuing to pray into the early morning, while sitting in Nana's chair.

Thinking back to many years ago when God’s Spirit kept Nana strong, where her faith was seen in every trial and practiced all week long.

Though Nana is now with Jesus, her faith is always there. For every one who remembers Nana can see the bible by her chair.

Please pray for your children’s children, and lift them to the Lord. Always remember to read God’s word, that all eternal sword.

Pray for their salvation, while lifting each name with care. Then one day you may be the one, to sit in Nana's chair.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Jesus is calling

Jesus is calling

Down the Via Delarosa, to Calvary’s hill they strolled.  There God would pay the ultimate price, the greatest story ever told.

His Son would bare the sin of the world, with agony that would soon unfold.  He would fulfill the plan that was spoken by the prophets, to the patriarchs of old.

There He hung beaten and bleeding, nailed to a wooden tree. Gods Lamb was there to take our place, He would set the world free.

Rich or poor, kings or servants, could now receive God’s grace.  All could come before His throne, to join God in that place.

Chains could now be broken, lives could be turned around.  Any who called upon the LORD, His presence could be found.

On that cross He looked up to heaven, “It Is Finished” was the words He said. He closed His eyes, gave up his Spirit, the Son of God was now dead.

As we approach the end, as we know it, His promise should be a concern.  He is not dead, and He is coming back, Jesus will return.
Make this the day you receive Him as Savior, for that trumpet will soon declare. That Jesus is calling His saints from heaven, to join Him in the air!

Monday, June 20, 2016

Far richer than Gold

Far richer than gold

The sight of a million angels all bowed before Gods throne. It caused all in Heaven to fall to the ground, as Gods great glory was shown.

One would lift his voice in praise, and all would follow the same. This chorus of praise rings in heaven above, while everyone shouts out his name.

There in the heaven was every color, every nation and every race. They all bowed down before the God of all, His children now saved by grace.

No hatred, no envy, and no difference at all, Gods people all ready to serve. They would now reap the blessing of heaven, the promise they all deserve.

No hunger in heaven, no homeless will beg, for none are left out in the cold. All are the same in His glory, and will now walk those streets of gold.

One has a mansion, so does the other; no favorites shall darken His place. All will be welcome to come to the Father, and speak with Him face to face.

Jesus will take time for all up in heaven, with a love that none could afford. For God has a treasure to share with His people, Jesus our greatest reward.